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“Crazy Body Group” was formed officially earlier in 2005 in the endless world of drama and theater. With so much diligence, the group could express a new perspective with the same few motivated and energetic people in local and international realms of Performing Arts to communicate with people of every culture, language and nationality. “Crazy Body Group” was established by professionals in which each one comes together from different areas of art. An intimate mixture of the Arts: Martial Arts, Dramatic, Musical, Visual, Photography and The costume “Crazy Body” workshop is trying to take effective steps as a new experience and incident in the field of performing arts in Iran. Especially in the field of Body and Movement, Contemporary Mime, Physical theater and so on. Any kind of performance in connection with body and spirit of the performer or the actor.

Some facts about us

  • International Performances
  • International Workshops
  • All Performances

Our skills

We are focusing on
Performance / Chorography / Short Film, Cinema / Workshop

Meet the team

  • Yaser Khaseb

    Owner of Group, Actor, Director, Contemporary

  • Siamak Sharifan

    Stage Designer and Sculptor

  • Reza Moosavi

    Photogrgapher and Video

  • Farshad Fozooni


  • Shimah Khaseb

    Stage manager, Light and sound designer

  • Kian Esmaeili


  • Pardis Zare


  • Kia Salasi


  • Keyvan Malek

    Musician and Percussionist

  • Alisina Rezania

    Musician and Composer

  • Hamid Mahdavi

    Photographer and Video

  • Sina Moradian

    Video and Website

What we do?

Educational Workshop / Short Film and Cinema

  • Tehran Workshops:
    • Karnameh Institute
    • Azad Film Workshop
    • Tehran School
    • Kargah Ava
    • Rudaki Foundation
    • Islamic Azad University Faculty of Art and Architecture
    • College of Fine Art

  • Provinces Workshops:
    • Islamic Azad University of Tonekabon
    • Islamic Azad University of Arak
    • Free workshops in Various city: Shiraz, Isfahan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Kish,...

  • International Workshops:
    • Different Countries such as: USA, Netherland, Poland, Taiwan, Iraq, Denmark, Brazil,...
  • Bauer / Short Movie / Director: Mehdi Naderi
  • Yodok / Short Movie / Director: Mehdi Naderi
  • The Wolf Hunters / Movie / Director: Mehdi Naderi
  • Music Video Art / Kako Band
  • Video Installation / BLALA

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Latest NEWS

MUD Physical Duet
Since 25 Feb 2018
18:30 on Iranshahr Theater, Samandarian Hall
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Academy of Motion "crazy body"
From August
Select a group for executive programs
The Jab Session
Director: Mohammad Rahmanian
June and July 2016
The Main Hall of Tehran City Theater
Crazy Body Group in new year
Crazy Body Group by God from the beginning of the New Year's Persian date Ordibehesht 95 workshops, exercises and your executive resume. Academy of Motion, Performance International "Stop the war now", the first festival of the performing arts, video art, installation art and short films, feature films different workout stages of nature (mountains, forests, sea, etc.), various workshops city Festival Solo body and ... with a lot of energy
Crazy body goes to UN | Performing for the victims of war
Yaser Kaseb said the show's theme protect victims of war in the thirty-first session of the UN Human Rights Council to take the stage.

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